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8 Steps to laying

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1 Step 1

Dig your trench approximately 400mm (16") wide and 150mm (6") deep and fill with 100mm (4") or road base material.

Step 2

Compact base.
3 Step 3

Cover road base with approximately 25mm (1") of crushed bluemetal or sand and screen to a true level.

4 Step 4

Place units onto base with every second block at half height. This will form the sheer bond. If the wall is higher than 700mm (27") an initial half block offset to the front of the wall is required.

5 Step 5 It is essential that the first course of units is placed accurately to line and level using a spirit level. Note: Where a concrete base is used allow to harden before proceeding
6 Step 6

If an agricultural drain is required place it at the bottom of the first course with a gentle fall. Cover pipe or strip drain and surround with a free draining material.

7 Step 7

Backfill with a free draining material and compact. Make sure you fill the cores of the blocks as well.

8 Step 8

Fit cappers to wall with masonry adhesive or mortar. Back of the cappers should be flush with the back edge of the rear block.

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