We would like to introduce to you the latest innovative retaining wall system that is both economical and simple to use.

The new Interlink block gives a whole new concept to retaining walls, with the latest in style and a touch of Mediterranean.

Interlink blocks are laid as a vertical wall ( without any set back) and therefore eliminating many problems arising from curves and corners.

The blocks can be laid with either the smooth or split face side and can also be laid using alternative linking methods.

Interlink blocks can be reinforced with steel rods and concrete, producing higher and sturdier walls.

Interlink blocks lock together on both vertical and horizontal plane, creating an exceptionally strong wall. This also enables Interlink to be used as a fencing system.

Interlink blocks set a fresh new trend in walling systems improving your home's market appeal and profile.

easy and quick to install, no concrete footings required suitable for a large range of garden landscape projects
low maintenance and durable long term solution
do it yourself in one weekend
easy and quick to install, no concrete footings required create curves and terraces with ease
add structure to your garden
Ask your local manufacturer for color choices
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