Handy Hints
End Blocks

This is a typical end block. Notice how you can finish a wall with a neat, flush finish.

Stepping down

Simply finish with an end block then step down to the desired level. Steps can be as small as 100mm (4").

Terracing and steps

Interlink blocks allow you to easily construct steps and terraces. Simply tier off at the desired level by curving block in on a tighter curve and continue. For steps just rejoin back into the wall the same way or just butt up to the wall.

For corners Three Interlink blocks will form a corner of approximately 90 degrees. For tight external corners break off the front wings.

Tip: By mixing and matching these different cuts you will be able to create any curvature

Cappers - cutting for curves (A) Along the back edge of the capper, measure 25mm (1") in from each side and cut from this point out to the front corner of the bullnose. for tighter curve, measure in 50mm (2"). (B) For internal curves, reverse the above methods by measuring in along the bullnose and cutting out to the back edge of the capper.