The following specifications are only an overview of the Tech-Dryad Wall System . Safety data and Manufacturers instructions are available in the "Mixing Instructions" section of the Tech-Dryad Index

Construction Notes

* All the Tech-Dryad Blocks must be layed with Tech-Dryad Mortar Additive to the correct dosage levels and in accordance with A.S. 3700 SAA Masonry Code.

* Walls must include weep holes to drain any water which may come down the hollow cores of the blocks.

* Ensure control and articulation joints are designed to prevent water penetration.

* Partial reinforcement and core filling must be used in single skin walls to control wall cracking. Technical information is available on request.

* Wall construction must be supervised by the appointed builder.

* Ensure that the bedding joints are completely full and free of any voids.

* Ensure that the perpends are butted on each side with a void in the middle. The mortar joints should be well ruled to provide a tight sealed joint.

* Do not put mortar in the web of the blocks.

Tech-Dryad Mortar

1.Mix a minimum of (2) litres of Tech-Dryad Mortar Additive to 20 litres of clean water - use this as the gauging water.

2.Cement ratio must be (1) to (3) using a fatty brickies sand mixed to the required consistency.

3.Do not add lime to the mix. Do not use plasticiser.

Estimating Data

20 litres of additive with 200 litres or 44 gallons of water will lay the following:

800 Bricks
600 10.01 Blocks
550 15.01 Blocks
500 20.01 Blocks
400 30.01 Blocks

Water Repellent Retaining Wall Specification

1.Use Tech-Dryad Water Repellent Blocks with Tech-Dryad Mortar Additive mixed to the manufacturers recommendation.

2.Add Xypex C-2000 Admixture to the concrete 25MPA core fill dosed at 3 kg per cubic metre - cost $4.80 per m2 of wall area.

3.For protection against movement at the floor wall joint use Kuniseal bentonite based flexible water stop.

4.Wall must be backfilled with free draining material plus agpipe drain below floor level.

Advantages over Membranes: - Cost Efficient - Quicker to Build - No messy Membranes required - Lasts the Lifetime of the Structure