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Victoria University TEST REPORTS

October 18, 1995

Reference: BPSU/134

Technical Data:

Subject: Water absorption of mortar containing Tasco/Tech-Dryad Mortar Additive.

Water absorption data for:: Standard mortar

containing Tasco/Tech-Dryad Mortar Additive


1. Preparation of substrates

2. Test method

3. Results



Cement - standard Type A cement

Sand - bricklayer's sand

Gauging Liquids - Reference: Water

Samples 1,2 &3: Tasco/Tech-Dry Mortar Additive dissolved in water in a ratio of 1:10.

Preparation method :

The sand and cement was dry blended until homogenous. The gauging liquid was added until the desired consistency for laying obtained. The wet mortar was cast in PVC rings of dimensions 75mm Dia x 300 deep. The discs were de-moulded after harding overnight and let cure at 20C/50% R.H for 28 Days. All samples were cast in triplicate.

Sample Composition

Table 1 shows the composition of mortar samples.

Sample Cement (gm) Sand (gm) Gauging Liquid (gm)
Reference 300.0 990.0 195.0
Samples 1,2&3 300. 990.0 191.4


After curing, the discs were oven dried at 70C overnight, cooled and weight. All discs were placed on water saturated polyurethane sponge in a water bath according to DIN52617. The mass of discs was measured at 2, 5and 24 hours.


The capillary water absorption versus time is presented in Graph 1.

The results show that the inclusion of Tasco/Tech-Dry Mortar Additive reduces the capillary water absorption of the mortar from 9.9% to 2.1% by mass. This represents an overall reduction of water absorption of 79%.

Signed : Dr.D A Kagi Date18/10/1995