When using TASCO TECH-DRY BLOCK EMULSION it is important that you observe the following recommendations.

1: Tech-Dry block emulsion must be mixed to manufacturers specifications. There is a copy in your folder.

2: DO NOT use high pressure Auto Claving when drying Tech-Dry products.

3: When using low-pressure steam curing, use as little water as possible especially when drying prodcuts manufactured on their flat (eg Pavers). Steam temperature can be as high as 70 degrees celcus with a 95% humidity. If your pavers have small white rings on their face you will need to turn your steamer down. As this is caused by water beading on top of the product.

4: For best results, coloured Tech-Dry products should be kept away from rain and direct sun light for a minium of 10 days. This can be achieved by simply covering products in a UV safe plastic wrap. If possible under cover storage is best. Once product is fully cured it can be exposed to all types of weather with no protection. If product is put out with no protection before being fully cured, efflorescence can develop on the top and sides of the product. The chemical reaction between the cementitious compounds and the Tech-Dry Block Emulsion takes time and this time could differ depending on your climate. You should try to air dry your Tech-Dry prodcuts on their racks for a period of time after exiting the kilns so they are as dry as possible before they are wrapped, this will cut down on the amount of sweating under the plastic which if excessive can also cause efflorescence in the early stages of curing.

5: Always use Tech-Dry Mortar Additive in conjunction with Tech-Dry Blocks and lay as per specifications.

6: When building retainer walls with Tech-Dry blocks it is very important to have a good drainage system in place as Tech-Dry blocks will only hold a head of water of 110mm. Also mortar joints should be ruled tight on both sides of the wall. Bitumus coatings may be used for extra assurance.

7: All Tech-Dry blocks can be painted and rendered as normal.

8: When core filling Tech-Dry blocks some seepage will occur, make sure it is cleaned off before it dries.

9: If block or paver water repellency appears patchy check that you have diluted block emulsion according to specifications and mixed aggregate thoroughly.