Block Emulsion

Mixing Instructions for Tech-Dry Block Emulsion


Add one Litre of Tech-Dry Emulsion to every 1000kg of mixed cement and aggregate eg: if the wet weight of your mix is 1700kg dry weight you will need to add 1.7 litres of Block Emulsion.


* Tech-Dry Emulsion must be shaken or stirred well before use and at regular intervals throughout the production day.

* In a clean 20lt. container pour in the required amount of Block Emulsion as per the ratio above, then add water to the container at a ratio of approximately 10 to 1 and stir or shake. This is called the pre-mix (this helps the Block Emulsion mix quicker with your other ingredients). Tech-Dry Block Emulsion can be injected into the water line as the water enters the mixer.

* After adding your aggregate to the mixer, while it is rotating add the pre-mix and allow it to mix for about 30 seconds. Now add the appropriate cement, oxides and additional water.


It is not necessary to add a plasticiser to the mix.

Do not use high pressure Auto Clarving when drying Tech-Dry products.

For more information see manufacturing notes.